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Serving The Squeezed Middle

06 Dec 2017 | Added Value

As the gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen, brands must increasingly make the complex more accessible

Social Good Innovations

27 Nov 2017 | Added Value

5 social good innovations picked for the November 2017 issue of Branding For Good

BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands: Keep pace with constant change to stay relevant to Chinese youth

04 Apr 2017 | Added Value

Panos Dimitropolous culturally analyses the Chinese market for the latest BrandZ report on Chinese brands.

How to Win at Premiumization in China - Part 1

17 Nov 2015 | Added Value China

In China premiumization represents a huge growth opportunity for brands.

Growth Opportunities in Women’s Health in China

26 Oct 2015 | dimitropoulosp

As the Chinese economy continues to evolve, brands are identifying women as an increasingly important consumer segment, especially in the area of health and wellness.

Fitness on the Increase as Brands Target Chinese Consumers

26 Oct 2015 | dimitropoulosp

China is starting to witness a rapid growth in the area of sport and fitness as consumers start to display a new found desire to exercise and keep fit.

The Key to Connecting with Health Conscious Chinese

26 Oct 2015 | dimitropoulosp

Culturally tuned brands are interacting with consumers in new ways, places and moments by telling stories that are part of culture.

'Culturally Tapped' how Asian Brands are Finding Competitive Advantage in Culture

19 Oct 2015 | dimitropoulosp

The most successful brands are the ones that tap into and even create culture themselves.

Top 5 Ways to Win with Luxury Brands in China

29 Sep 2015 | Added Value China

Cultural secrets can inspire new ways for luxury brands to stay fresh and one step ahead of their customers.

The Rise of Chinese Millennial Travelers

04 Sep 2015 | Added Value China

Travel brands need to keep pace with the rapidly changing trends and consumer profiles in the China market.

Do Chinese Female Travelers Hold the Key to Hotel Growth?

03 Sep 2015 | Added Value China

Hotels are struggling to understand Chinese culture and female travellers.

Is Europe losing its grip on Luxury?

28 Aug 2015 | Agathe Laurent

In the past 20 years, the rise of luxury and wealth in emerging markets like China, Russia, and India is indisputable.

Cutting through in the Chinese luxury market

16 Jul 2015 | Added Value

With a cultural shift in luxury consumer drivers in the Chinese market we take a look at what luxury brands need to do to find growth.

Discover: Hispanics

17 Apr 2015 | spalacios

Hispanics are a growing and thriving population in the United States, and one brands should pay close attention to.

Added Value Edits: Luxury and Asia

18 Dec 2014 | jhall

Asia is quickly becoming the world’s luxury epicenter.

Added Value Edits: Luxury and Asia

18 Dec 2014 | jhall

Asia is quickly becoming the world’s luxury epicenter.

Discover: Indonesia

16 Dec 2014 | Len Henriksen

A snapshot into one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Discover: Indonesia

16 Dec 2014 | Len Henriksen

A snapshot into one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Cultural Secrets Breathing New Fire into Chinese Luxury Brands

25 Nov 2014 | dimitropoulosp

Dancing with the dragon.

5 Paradoxes that Luxury Brands Should Never Forget

23 Nov 2014 | Jaslin Goh

Luxury insights extracted by Added Value across Greater China.

Discover: Turkey

23 Sep 2014 | Cyrille Pinson

A snapshot into one of the world’s most interesting and diverse markets, part of the MINT group of countries to look out for.

5 Cultural Tensions Brands Should Understand to Win with Asian Moms

03 Sep 2014 | ahluwaliad

As the middle class continues to grow in Asia, how can brands win by helping Asian moms to resolve the cultural tensions they now face?

Top 5 Ways to Win with Premium in Indonesia

28 Aug 2014 | carol.mok

With a domestic market of roughly 250 million, the Indonesian middle class is growing in wealth. How can brands create premium to attract this emerging group of consumers?

‘Made in China’ Promotion Must Tap National Pride

12 Aug 2014 | Added Value

The future of time-honoured Chinese brands.

Female Empowerment in Brazil

08 Jul 2014 | Added Value

Being feminine & sexy continues to be important, but coupled with a strong, determined attitude to life.


04 Jul 2014 | Added Value

Discovering the city of rapid change and grand statements…

Does Brazil Matter for Brand Owners?

13 Jun 2014 | jhall

Are we sure Brazil matters for brand owners?

Added Value Edits: World Cup Marketing

03 Jun 2014 | jhall

World Cup 2014: opportunities to introduce innovative concepts and pushing marketing to new heights.

Engaging with Football Fans in Asia

26 May 2014 | Added Value

We take a look at three different approaches being used by brands to engage football fans.

Top 5 Ways to Build Brand Magic in India

26 Mar 2014 | Added Value

Added Value China shares the top five strategies to entice India.

Maharajas to Masses

25 Mar 2014 | puddickm

India is a marketplace that poses significant challenges to luxury brands.

Top 5 Ways to Win in China

27 Feb 2014 | Added Value

5 ways for brands to harness the power of the world’s second largest economy.

Hitching the Horse

27 Feb 2014 | Added Value

How brands can drive growth in China this year and beyond.

New Study: The Chinese New Year in Next Growth Cities

04 Feb 2014 | Added Value

For anyone interested in unlocking opportunities in China understanding the Chinese New Year is key…

Top 5 Ways to Win in Russia

04 Feb 2014 | Added Value

Olga Menshikova, Deputy Managing Director of Added Value Russia, shares her top tips on how brands can win in this ever-changing market.

Russia: The DNA of Beauty

13 Dec 2013 | Added Value

In a market renowned for its beautiful women, think Natalia Vodianova and Anna Kurnikova, it perhaps comes as no surprise to know that the fashion and beauty category is big business.

Microsoft-Nokia Deal: Emerging Markets to the Rescue?

03 Oct 2013 | Sophia Ng

The market is buzzing about Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone business and how it will impact both brands.

Eight Megatrends Impacting South African Consumer Behaviour in 2013

28 May 2013 | Inka Crosswaite

Understanding how trends work enables marketers and brand custodians to differentiate between short-term fads and trends.

Brazil Leads in BRICS's Brands

17 Mar 2013 | Added Value

Brazilian brands have spread internationally by promoting a national cultural narrative, in contrast to China and India where brands tend to hide their cultural origin.

The Economics of Beauty in Asia

28 Feb 2013 | Tessa Brown

The business of beauty will be booming big time in Asia over the next couple of years.

Middle Kingdom Rising: The Year of the Snake

11 Feb 2013 | Added Value

Understanding the Golden Weeks phenomenon is critical to success in China.

Insight and Brand Building in Africa

08 Feb 2013 | Added Value

Insights into what makes the consumers in African markets tick.

Afro-Gangnam Style: Seeking out Real Relevance

01 Feb 2013 | Added Value

Self-expression and the desire to be noticed are not alien to many African cultures.

Boom, don’t bust in Brazil

24 Oct 2012 | Added Value

No Facebook. No Twitter. What’s the alternative?

02 May 2012 | Added Value

We talk to CIC, the first company specializing in social media research in China, to understand the impact of social media in China and how it differs from Western social media.

McDonald's Exposes 'Chickileaks' in China

13 Apr 2011 | Added Value

McDonald’s Fast Feeder’s campaign sheds light on the evolving Chinese consumer.

Vodafone Case Study: Painting Every Ghanaian Town Red

28 Oct 2010 | Added Value

The successful brand migration of Vodafone’s first African acquisition.

Make It Right

16 Jul 2010 | cfinlay

Innovation Inspiration: Understanding India

26 Feb 2010 | Added Value

If you’re a Multi-National Company (MNC) facing issues in India or considering market entry, what should you be thinking about?

Santa and reindeers in China

02 Jan 2008 | Cynthia Chan

The last communist utopia in China

25 Oct 2007 | LiAnne Yu

Summer Davos in Dalian, China

15 Sep 2007 | Darrel Rhea

Shared computing in Emerging Markets

06 Sep 2007 | LiAnne Yu

Why We Like Emerging Markets

13 Mar 2007 | Added Value